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By Tommi Nieminen

<b>OPUS-CAT plugin</b> is the only machine translation plugin that offers completely free, secure, and confidential neural machine translation for over a thousand language pairs.<br> It also offers a feature that is crucial for professional translators: the possibility to fine-tune the machine translation with bilingual material related to the translation job at hand. Fine-tuning can in many cases have an immense effect on the usability of machine translation.<br><br> <b>Note:</b> OPUS-CAT plugin fetches translations from a local MT engine, which should be installed and running on the local computer when the plugin is used. For installation instructions please visit the <strong><a target="_blank" href="https://helsinki-nlp.github.io/OPUS-CAT/tradosplugin">OPUS-CAT Trados Plugin</a></strong> website to ensure you install and configure your local MT engine correctly. The <b>OPUS-CAT</b> Trados plugin is part of a software ecosystem built around the OPUS corpus (open parallel corpus), which is a large collection of freely available bilingual texts.<br> Another part of this ecosystem is OPUS-MT, which is a collection of machine translation models trained from the texts in the OPUS corpus. OPUS-MT contains machine translation models for over a thousand language pairs. OPUS-CAT itself is a project that makes it possible to use the OPUS-MT models in CAT tools, such as Trados.<br><br> To use <b>OPUS-CAT</b> Trados plugin, first install the OPUS-CAT MT Engine on your local computer. OPUS-CAT MT Engine is an application which makes it possible to use and fine-tune the OPUS-MT models locally without any connection to outside networks.<br> It is based on <i>Marian NMT</i>, a state-of-the-art neural machine translation framework, known for its speed and efficiency. Thanks to the efficiency of Marian NMT, OPUS-CAT MT Engine works on normal computers without special hardware.