Studio Subtitling

Studio Subtitling

By Trados AppStore Team



The Problem this app addresses
The volume of audio visual content for localization is growing rapidly. Turnaround times are getting shorter and many of those working in the industry are feeling increased price pressures in dealing with this sort of content. Translation tools today lack proper context for subtitlers, offering poor support for the variety of file formats.

The Solution this app provides
The Studio Subtitling plugin supports enhanced features for audio visual translation, editing, proofing and works synchronously with the Studio editor in support of the following filetypes:

- ASS (available here on the RWS AppStore)
- SRT (supported out of the box in Trados Studio 2021/2022)
- webVTT (supported out of the box in Trados Studio 2021/2022)
- STL (available here on the RWS AppStore)
- SBV (supported out of the box in Trados Studio 2021/2022)
- TTML (supported out of the box in Trados Studio 2021/2022)

NOTE: It is not possible to use the numpad for non-subtitling files if this plugin is installed. This is a limitation of Studio. The workaround is to remove the keyboard shortcuts for numpad in the Studio options. They can be reset when needed by using "Reset to Defaults" in the Subtitling Keyboard shortcut list.

Learn how to use the app by reading the Studio Subtitling wiki or by watching the recorded demo webinar.

Click here to download the TQA model for Trados Studio that is also supported by this plugin.

Technical details


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Checksum: f96fd418d5b2cf577ad9b693cefd0b726d733d93

Supported products:

  • Trados Studio 2022


Checksum: 73098e9b945b36a5d36cade4ad4a3a7b0feebd11

Supported products:

  • Trados Studio 2021


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Supported products:

  • SDL Trados Studio 2019