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TQA Profile - FAR Methodology
By Trados AppStore Team
TQA Profile - FAR Methodology
A Translation Quality Assessment profile for the Professional version of Trados Studio

The TQA profile available here is based on the FAR model published by Professor Jan Pedersen of Stockholm University.
This is an attempt at creating a generalized model for assessing quality in interlingual subtitling and we’ve used it to create an optional TQA profile for Trados Studio.

It's based on these three things:

- Functional equivalence (do the subtitles convey speaker meaning?)
- Acceptability (do the subtitles sound correct and natural in the target language?)
- Readability (can the subtitles be read in a fluent and non-intrusive way?)

For more information on this model please refer to this paper published by Prof. Jan Pederson: The FAR model: assessing quality in interlingual subtitling. You can also read a little bit more about this in the RWS Community subtitling wiki.

IMPORTANT NOTE: TQA is a feature available in Studio for the Professional version only. Other versions of Studio can only use this model when working with a project package that has been prepared with the TQA profile configured.
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