Change Scaling Behaviour

Change Scaling Behaviour

By Trados AppStore Team



Many new computers today have the ability to provide a high resolution that offers many advantages such as:

- Optimized usability and readability of applications on high-DPI displays
- Better experience for multi-display systems
- Possibility for developers to optimize app-specific scaling based on display DPI

Whilst RWS is working on enhancing support for these high resolution environments it is a work in progress and often some of the menus and screens can appear very crowded and difficult to read.

The solution to date is a KB article that offers several solutions, the last of which is a fix in the registry. This application automates the fix known as "Workaround 3" in the KB article.

To use the app just download the zip and unzip the exe file inside to a folder on your computer. Run the exe file and the program will launch immediately, it is not an installer. You will probably see a user account warning because the app is going to make the changes described in the KB article to your registry, so if you are happy with this just click ok and then apply the changes for the software you are using.

This may not work for every computer, and we have seen some Hi-Resolution 4k screens where this did not help, but in most cases it does and it's a convenient way to apply the fix.

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  • Trados Studio 2021