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applyTM Template
Do you maintain many file-based Translation Memories? Have you ever had to update the segmentation rules, abbreviation lists, variable lists, or ordinal follower lists in Trados Studio? Have you ever wondered how to get all of these details from a Language Resource Template? If you have, then you'll be familiar with the effort that is required to make changes as they need to be applied across all of your Translation Memories one at a time; and with the inability to get at these resources once they are part of a template.

The applyTM Template application removes the repetitive effort that is required to make these changes. Now you can maintain one Language Resource Template and apply the changes to all of your Translation Memories in one go!

It works by selecting the template and then adding all of your TMs (browse or drag and drop) in one go; check the resources you wish to be updated based on your template; then click apply. You can maintain resources for multiple languages in the same template, and the application will show you visually which languages were changed or not.

You can also export these resources to Excel where it might be easier to carry out maintenance and then import them back into your template afterwards. And of course, you can import the resources from your Translation Memories into a Language Resource Template.

To learn how to use this application, please visit ApplyTM Template in the RWS Community wiki

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SDL Trados Studio 2021 Version
Trados Studio 2022 Version 3.01.0:
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