SDLTM Repair

SDLTM Repair

By Trados AppStore Team



SDLTM Repair has been designed to fix specific errors within SDLTM files.
If you find that you can’t open, export or do anything with an SDLTM, then this app may be able to repair it.

This app will export the entire contents of an SDLTM in SQL, and re-import it, re-indexing as it goes and fixing any corruption.
Success is not guaranteed every time, but if you have an SDLTM that you cannot open, then it is worth running it through this app.

Once installed, you will now find SDLTM Repair within Studio on the Add-Ins Tab.
To learn how to use this application, please visit SDLTM Repair in the RWS Community wiki

Technical details


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Checksum: 14d9a1372695a0477d504edc74286134bdb870bf

Supported products:

  • Trados Studio 2022


Checksum: a9ae3f44325f3024a9ab86e5480cf3b1e40093ae

Supported products:

  • Trados Studio 2021