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SDLXLIFF Converter for MS Office
By Trados AppStore Team
SDLXLIFF Converter for MS Office
This application provides the user with the ability to create DOCX or XLSX documents containing the source and the target text from a fully populated SDLXLIFF. It is NOT possible to import the XLSX back into Trados Studio so the XLSX is an export only feature, but you can open the DOCX in Microsoft Word to review/edit the exported document and then import any changes back to the original SDLXLIFF file.

This app is installed alongside the product with Studio 2014, 2015 and 2017. You can find it in the navigation pane in 2014, 2015 and 2017. The version here is for use with Studio 2019/2021 because it is no longer installed with Studio.

It's also worth noting that Trados Studio has an Export for External Review feature as part of the product which provides the same functionality as this application. There is also an "Export to Excel" plugin which is a more useful tool if you just want to export to XLSX.
To learn how to use this application, please visit SDLXLIFF Convertor for MS Office in the RWS Community wiki

Technical details
SDL Trados Studio 2021 Version
Trados Studio 2022 Version
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