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This projectTermExtract plugin adds a very neat feature to Studio allowing you to extract term candidates from your Project, or specific files within a project. The plugin works by adding a file containing the terms to Studio for translation, and then converts the file to a termbase and adds it to your project.

The plugin also provides for some simple refining of the extraction using a very simple and visual interface that makes the process of term extraction incredibly simple, and enjoyable to work with.

If you want to use these terms in your own termbase then this can be easily achieved by using the Glossary Converter, or alternatively you can provide the termbase as a MultiTerm termbase or in another format as a nice value add solution for your customer.

To learn how to use this application, please visit projectTermExtract in the RWS Community wiki

Technical details
Checksum: 1bb6b49b44e518bc22476a406fdd6d83fbb4ab1b
Supported products:
  • Trados Studio 2021
Checksum: ca36cde1d0a431726f9df715f506f9ba8da54349
Supported products:
  • Trados Studio 2022
Version: 1.4
Checksum: 3e91169dd51d4db91bf0a0208f04a2b480faab6e
Supported products:
  • SDL Trados Studio 2017
  • SDL Trados Studio 2015
Checksum: 36f90b86228b2b100360fa64de57c14973ea66b1
Supported products:
  • SDL Trados Studio 2019
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