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MT Enhanced for Trados Studio
By Trados AppStore Team
MT Enhanced for Trados Studio
This plugin allows you to retrieve translations from either Microsoft Translator or Google Translate (support for V2 and V3 - AutoML), with some interesting added features explained below.
  • Options to perform a batch find/replace on the source text before sending to the MT provider as well on the translated text returned, using files with a specific XML structure to specify find/replace pairs. Use this feature to redact sensitive data from your source text or to improve the results.
  • Text-only option: gives you the option of sending and receiving text only, and no tags.
  • The default setting is to not re-send translated segments: only sends segments with a 'Not Translated' segment status; conveniently navigate through your document or review it without increasing your character usage. This is optional and can be changed in the settings form.

To learn how to use this app and for more information, please visit the MT Enhanced Plugin for Trados Studio
Wiki on our RWS Community.
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