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Multilingual Excel FileType
By Trados AppStore Team
Multilingual Excel FileType
IMPORTANT: If you are running Trados Studio 2022 please note that the available download is only for CU1 and above. If you still need the previous version you can find it in the Archive wiki.
- to learn more about the app itself please look in the Multilingual Excel FileType wiki
The Problem
Dealing with multilingual Excel files is something many users encounter on a regular basis, especially when handling gaming or software localization projects. The problems of these files range from not being able to handle the content itself in a single project to having to deal with embedded content and sometimes pixel length checks. Then you have to put the different projects back together into a single file when you're done!

The Solution
The Multilingual Excel FileType solves all of these problems and more. Some common usecases for it would be:
  1. create bilingual or multilingual projects from an Excel file containing at least two languages
  2. handle large blocks of embedded content in the files using embedded content processors
  3. handle html AND placeable content in one go
  4. handle html embedded content without doing anything at all!
  5. handle bilingual or multilingual Excel files without the need to use the bilingual Excel filetype in multiple projects
  6. support pixel length verification

You can learn more about the app itself in the Multilingual Excel FileType wiki.
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