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The name Qualitivity suggests that it is a cross between productivity and quality, simply because that is the type of functionality it is equipped to provide.
Qualitivity is a plugin for Trados Studio, that fully integrates through the API, geared to manage the data related to productivity & quality as the users are working on documents from the Studio Editor.
In short, it provides functionality to track the time spent on translating, reviewing & post-editing the segments from documents, but additionally includes functionality to track every single change made to the segments at a granular level and a means to generate reports based on that data in structured and readable format.

It also supports four Quality Metric standards out of the box (TAUS DQF, MQM Core, SAE J2450, LISA QA Model) and allows for infinite customisation to suit any rules you like.

It works in the background without any interaction from the linguist while they are working, gathering the data that they require for their activity.

To learn how to use this app and for more information,
please visit the Qualitivity Wiki on our RWS Community
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SDL Trados Studio 2021 Version
Trados Studio 2022 Version
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