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MultiTerm Widget
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MultiTerm Widget
The MultiTerm Widget is designed to break down the barriers of terminology management for global organizations, Language Service Providers, and translators alike. It provides quick, easy access to terminology and to online content resources to ensure you are never lost for words. It is a lightweight and simple application designed for multiple users that allows you to simply highlight a word from any application on your desktop and retrieve its meaning and translation immediately. It makes terminology checking simple and expands the value of terminology management to wider audiences within a business, as well as making translation easier and more productive. After installation, you will find the MultiTerm Widget in your program files as a stand alone app. Please note however that this is normally installed when you install MultiTerm so this installer is intended for users who do not use Studio or MultiTerm at all.
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Trados Studio 2022 Version
SDL Trados Studio 2021 Version
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