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This application is based on the current version of an open source project providing support for the translation of MS Publisher files (*.pub). The application can convert a PUB file into an easily handled XML file. Once translated it can convert the translated XML back to the PUB format. In addition to simply creating XML the application can also generate a PDF of the file in context and this can be included with the XML as a reference file in a Studio Package so the translator has a better idea of what they are translating.
The zip file you download also contains a sample sdlftsettings file for this XML as well as instructions on how to use it.
Full details of the application can be found in this blog article.
Remember, this is an open source project so if you are a developer and you use the code you must credit the project, and if you make any interesting enhancements it would be good if you "paid them forward" and updated the project accordingly. Details of how to access the project are in the ReadMe.pdf downloaded with the app, also in the blog article above.
Technical details
Trados Studio 2022 Version 2.1:
SDL Trados Studio 2021 Version 2.1:
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