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TermInjector is a plugin that modifies the output of a translation memory in the editor during translation.
These modifications are based on rules, which can range from simple word substitutions to complex formatting operations.

The purpose of TermInjector is to save the translator's time by inserting translations for known terms and by performing recurring modifications automatically.
Whenever you find yourself doing some mechanical editing task over and over again, you could probably benefit from using TermInjector.

With TermInjector, you can for instance insert translations from a glossary, perform customized measurement conversions, copy non-translatable material automatically from a source segment to a fuzzy match and perform systematic changes in fuzzy matches automatically.
Support for regular expressions enables you to create powerful replacement rules, which can improve translation speed considerably.
Includes extensive documentation with many examples (you can access the documentation within Studio).

Once installed, you will now find the option to choose TermInjector translation provider as an MT provider to use in your translation projects.
Originally developed by Tommi Nieminen, this version is now supported by RWS and the source code is maintained on the Github pages.

Click here to download TermInjector version 2.2 for Studio versions 2009/2011/2014.
To learn how to use this application, please visit TermInjector in the RWS Community wiki

Technical details

ChangeLog: https://community.rws.com/product-groups/trados-portfolio/rws-appstore/w/wiki/6355/changelog-terminjector

Support Website: https://community.rws.com/product-groups/trados-portfolio/rws-appstore/f/rws-appstore

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Checksum: dfc58b6423850bfb16176e31c2bc449db72025a3

Supported products:

  • Trados Studio 2022


Checksum: c5ceddfa274dbbbebd722d3ff9aa9e80618cee6b

Supported products:

  • Trados Studio 2021


Checksum: 01081794671a2ec2699c2a7568e637b65be186b5

Supported products:

  • SDL Trados Studio 2019

Version 2.4

Checksum: 6b88fcfad0547b4560f53ab372ca043db06c6817

Supported products:

  • SDL Trados Studio 2017
  • SDL Trados Studio 2015