TM Lifting

TM Lifting

By Trados AppStore Team



Trados Studio 2014 SP2 introduced the concept of recognition for alphanumeric placeables.
If you want to update your existing Translation Memories to make use of this feature you have to do two things. First you have to check the Alphanumeric checkbox in "Fields & Settings" in the Translation Memories View and then you have to Re-Index the Translation Memory.

Trados Studio 2017 introduced upLIFT. You need to run your TMs through a two stage process one at a time to be able to prepare them for fragment matching as part of the upLIFT feature. First you build your translation model and then you align the fragments in "Fragment Matching" in the Translation Memories View.

If you have many Translation Memories this exercise could take a long time! The "TM Lifting" application does a few important things:
1. It checks the box and re-indexes the TM if you wish to Reindex the TMs
3. It builds the translation model and aligns the fragments if you wish to prepare for upLIFT
3. It can do this for multiple TMs at the same time

So you can drag and drop your TMs into the application interface and then select "Reindex" or "upLIFT" and leave it to run. It will work as quickly as you have available resources on your computer. There is no progress indicator but rest assured it is working. Both reindexing and upLIFT can take a while, particularly with large TMs.

To learn how to use this app and for more information, please visit the TM Lifting Wiki on our RWS Community

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