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Trados Transcreate

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The Problem
Transcreation isn't a process that obviously lends itself to a translation tool, mainly because of the creative nature of the text production in other languages to the source. Certainly terminology, concordance and other reference tools that may be available to you within a translation tool can help, but you're not going to get a lot of leverage in the way you would with a technical manual or source material like that. But in addition to the obvious linguistic challenges, the process of transcreation is something that also requires quite some administrative and disciplined management. You might have to take your source copy, provide multiple transcreations, into multiple languages, and then manage a back translation process too... finally pulling together a report that you can provide to your client with all of the transcreations, reasoning for the choice of words, back translations etc. and your recommendations for which transcreations should be used. Not insurmountable as we've doing this for decades... but still leaves room for improvement.

The Solution
The Trados Transcreate plugin for Trados Studio plays on the strengths of the project management side of a translation tool, or translation environment. It helps you to manage the overall process from receiving the original source copy and having to create the projects for each language with multiple source files for each alternative you've been asked for. It even supports a Microsoft Word workflow for when you are dealing with transcreationists who don't use a translation tool at all.

To learn how to use this application, please visit Trados Transcreate in the RWS Community wiki

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