Reports Viewer Plus

Reports Viewer Plus

By Trados AppStore Team



The Problem
The built-in "Reports" view in Studio is useful because it provides the ability to read the various Studio reports available and print or share them with others. But it does have some limitations:

  • it can take a while to render each report when you click on it
  • there is no possibility to customise the existing reports
  • there is no possibility to introduce reports in other formats, possibly an analysis from another tool for example

The Solution
The "Reports Viewer Plus" application creates a new View in Studio that mirrors the reports in the "Reports" view. This new view comes with several advantages:
  • click on a report and it's rendered instantly
  • you can edit the name of the Studio reports so they are easier to manage when you start to get a lot of reports in the list
  • you can import an XML analysis file of some sort, along with an appropriate stylesheet, and attach it to your project
  • you can define different stylesheets to be used for each type of Studio report and/or language so that they are automatically used in this view when you create a new project
All in all, this is a great solution for anyone who would like to have more control over the type of reports that are created and who wants to be able to use them more often now that they display instantaneously.

To learn how to use this application, please visit Reports Viewer Plus in the RWS Community wiki

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