Multilingual XML FileType

Multilingual XML FileType

By Trados AppStore Team



- to learn more about the app itself please look in the Multilingual XML FileType wiki
The Problem
Sometimes you receive XLIFF files with large dumps of html in CDATA sections, or invalid XLIFF files (still well formed but not recognised as valid XLIFF by Trados Studio), partially translated bilingual XML files, multilingual XML files and all the work this entails in creating settings for each language pair and then attempting to piece them altogether afterwards or even needing to use an html embedded content processor AND regex rules for placeables. If you can recognise these sort of problems then this filetype will bring some welcome relief!

The Solution
The Multilingual XML FileType solves all of these problems and more. Some common usecases for it would be:

  1. create bilingual or multilingual projects from an XML file containing at least two languages
  2. handle large CDATA dumps in XLIFF files correctly
  3. handling well formed, but invalid XLIFF files that Trados Studio will not handle out of the box
  4. handle bilingual or multilingual XML files without the need to copy the source into the target element and translate the target element only.
  5. handle partially translated bilingual or multilingual XML files

You can learn more about the app itself in the Multilingual XML FileType wiki.

Technical details


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Checksum: 948e6e8a89918098bacffbbb64b5a15b85aaa741

Supported products:

  • Trados Studio 2022


Checksum: 611189bd7b1bea0b33e5f4c9e109ed1f53edd99a

Supported products:

  • Trados Studio 2021