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RYSTUDIO Bilingual Target Document Generator
By RyStudio
RYSTUDIO Bilingual Target Document Generator
RYSTUDIO Bilingual Target Document Generator

Quite often these days that clients require translators to deliver finished documents that contain both source text and target translations, paired either by segment or by paragraph, in the same layout and formating as the original source document. This is where the plugin comes into play.

With this plugin, translators can generate a beautiful bilingual target document to meet the challenging requirement of clients:


Lossless Generation in Original Layout and Formating:

It's very easy to generate a bilingual target document with translation either below or above source text:

Side-by-Side View:

Nothing is more exicting than having a side-by-side bilingual view without compromising the original formating?

Generate for Review:

The most beloved feature of reviewers and project managers. In fact, their professional life cannot go on without this amazing feature!

Generate a bilingual document for review in its original layout and formatting, and on completion of review, all project files and translation memories can be updated with the reviewed document.


You can set a text color for source or target text or both for easy reading in a generate bilingual document.

A Rich Set of Options:

There are a lot of settings available for you to control how a bilingual document will be generated and how it will look like.

Please visit our official website for details and more productivity-boosting plugins that will bring your career up to a higher level.

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