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Translation Memory is an important asset and a core component of Trados Studio. RYSTUDIO offers users with quality TM tools to help them leverage their resources to a brand new level.

Powered by our neural language models that is trained with billions of high-quality corpus, RYSTUDIO TM System can fetch for you much more meaningful matches than conventional TM systems, the one comes with Trados Studio, for example.

Pay Once & Use Forever:

RYSTUDIO QA Package adopts pay-once-and-use-forever policy. No annual subscription fee, no additional usage fee charged, no limit and no quota imposed.

Problems & Solutions:

Problem A

Conventional TM systems, the TM component of Trados Studio, for example, find a fuzzy match by simply comparing words of two sentences one by one, and they will all fail if two sentences are different in wording but pretty similar in meaning. It's not unusual that the conventional TM system will fail too for sentences that have same set of words that are put in different order. This is a waste of valuable resources!<


RYSTUDIO Neural TM fetches matches based on semantic similarity not on wording or their orders in a sentence. For this reason, RYSTUDIO Neural TM is still able to fetch a meaningful match where conventional TMs return zero match.

Illustrative Example

Assuming that we have this sentence in conventional Trados Studio TM:

Contracting Client agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Producer and its officers, employees, agents and licensees from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, liabilities and expenses, arising out of the breach of any obligation, warranty or representation of Contracting Client in this Agreement.;

And assuming we are about to translate the sentence below:

Employer and its employees shall be held harmless by Contractor, and Contractor agrees to do so, from any and all claims in connection with the breach of his obligation under this Contract.

The conventional Trados Studio TM will never return a match, even you set a very low fuzzy match rate, 40%, for example. And for a conventional TM, a low fuzzy match rate will result in very poor performance.

RYSTUDIO TM will fetch a right, meaningful match in such cases.

Problem B

For a fuzzy match returned by Trados Studio TM, only the differences between two source segments are highlighted, nothing is done about the tranlation. In case of a long sentence, translators have to go through and cross-check the translation from TM very carefully in order to find out what parts to be changed, what to delete, and what to insert. This is a waste of time and makes the TM less helpful.


With RYSTUDIO Neural TM, once a fuzzy match is found, an adaptive translation will be performed automatically and the differences between the both, i.e. the translation from TM and the one from adaptive machine translation engine, will be highlighted. Translators will be presented with a clear view as to what are automatically changed in the new adaptive translation, what added to, and what deleted from. With RYSTUDIO Neural TM, translators only need to check, make minor changes in some cases, and confirm. This will definitely save translators a lot of unnecessary works and greatly speed up translation process.

Illustrative Example

Assuming that our translaton memory contains this translation unit:

Delivery of all Specified Commercial(s) shall mean delivery by Producer of dailies, negatives, positive prints, video tapes, sound tracks “as recorded," and such other material as specified herein to the editorial facility designated by Contracting Client, at which time Producer shall be released from any further liability, pursuant to Section E., Editorial.;

And assuming we are about to translate the sentence below:

Delivery of all equipment shall mean delivery by Manufacturer of instruments, devices, tools "as made" and such other items as detailed herein to the Site designated by Employer, at which time Manufacturer shall be released from any further liability, pursuant to the Contract.

RYSTUDIO Neural TM will easily find a match, of course. What matters here is that it will perform an adaptive translation on the translation unit fetched from the translation memory and return and highlight the differences between the both translations, as shown below:


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