RYSTUDIO Neural Translator

RYSTUDIO Neural Translator

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RYSTUDIO Neural Translator

The best machine translation service whenever Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages are involved.

RYSTUDIO Neural Machine Translation Service is powered by neural models that are trained with billions of high-quality bilingual corpora translated and proofread by professional human translators and reviewers over past decade.

This plugin will deliver to you high-quality translation that is usually much better than other general purpose MT services, Google NMT, DeepL Pro and alike, for example. Unlike Google NMT, DeepL Pro or other MT services available on today's market, all of which are paid services without exception that you have to pay for each character translated by them.

RYSTUDIO NMT adopts a pay-once-and-use-forever policy. Once paid, you can use the plugin and the NMT service forever without limit and additional charge, that will be a huge saving!

The plugin comes standard with an easy-to-use, powerful post-editing module and a terminology standardization module that gives translators all means to finetune machine translation to their own needs.


Pay Once & Use Forever:No api key required, no usage fee charged, no limit and quota imposed. Install and use. That's how the plugin is working.

High-Quality NMT:It is often hard for translators to tell whether a sentence is machine-translated by our NMT model or by a human translator, especially when Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages are involved;

MT Trace Eraser: Clients will put on a unhappy face when he or she finds out that his or her file is translated with the aid of or based on a MT service. This tool will erase all MT meta data and traces off a project file. What a client sees is a file translated by human, not by machine.

What really matters is that because all files are machine-translated by our custom-built models, there is no way to trace back the origin of your translation by comparing them with those from a public MT service, Google NMT or DeepL Pro, for example.

Post-Editing:Without a handy post-editing tool, a translator's life will be much harder and unbearable. RYSTUDIO Post-editing module will remember all changes you made over a piece of text and apply them automatically either during machine translation or to a translated file or files.

Terminology Standardization:You can create your own glossary files as the source of standardization to ensure that all terms will be translated correctly during machine translation.

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