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Word Count Copy
By Mikael Weiner
Word Count Copy
Quickly copy analysis word counts with a single command from within Studio.

You can copy word counts of a project or selected files. The word counts that are copied are the same as the ones visible in the standard Analysis Statistics pane in Studio.

Simply select the project or the files you want and choose Copy Word Counts from the right-click menu. Alternatively, click the Copy Word Counts button on the Add-Ins tab or press the keyboard shortcut Alt+F5 (configurable in the Studio options). The copied word counts will be placed on the clipboard in both tab separated and html format so that they can be pasted wherever you want them, for example in applications like Microsoft Word or Excel.

Once installed, restart Studio and you will now be able to perform the new command in the projects and files view. You can either right click on a project/file or navigate to the 'Add-ins' tab in the ribbon.
Technical details
SDL Trados Studio 2021 Version
Trados Studio 2022 Version 3.22.0:
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