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Vertical Review
By Mikael Weiner
Vertical Review
Vertical Review is a separate view part in the Editor. With a translation active in the Editor simply choose View -> Vertical Review on the menu in Studio to open it. You will get a view-only display of a set number of segments at a time, with the active segment showing both source and target, a bit like the old Trados TagEditor. You can browse through your translated files in Vertical Review to review the translation in a top-down vertical view or work away as normal in the standard Editor with Vertical Review as an additional segment view. With Vertical Review you also get keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl+Shift+PgUp and Ctrl+Shift+PgDown, for moving up and down through all segments, regardless of segment status. The font and background colours can be set to optimise readability.
You can learn more about how this app works on youtube.
Technical details
Trados Studio 2022 Version
SDL Trados Studio 2021 Version
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