+++New Feature: custom temp path to better support Onedrive and Dropbox file stores+++

Previous updates
- Updated max version for SDL Trados Studio 2019 to comply with SDL versioning conventions
- New in app icon to correlate with appstore icon. No functional changes.
- fixes an issue where the Go button was not visible on very small screens or when the SDL Trados Studio window was set to a smaller window height.

The new privacy (GDPR) regulations in the European Union require translators to be much more vigilant when it comes to handling user data.
SDL Trados Studio, like any other translation memory system, stores user data in the translation memories that you may want to remove or obfuscate in order to not reveal it to unauthorized persons.
TM Anonymizer is a plugin for SDL Trados Studio that allows you to anonymize Created By, Modified By, Last Used By and other fields in SDLTMs and TMX files.

When anonymizing SDLTMs, TM Anonymizer creates the translation model that is necessary for fragment matching in SDL Trados Studio 2017 and runs the fine grain alignment, thus making the manual TM upgrade procedure in SDL Trados Studio redundant.

With the free version, you can anonymize one TM add a time.
Once you buy a license, you can anonymize an unlimited amount of TMs with the click of a button.

Technical details - Trados Studio 2024


New Features:

  • Adds support for Trados Studio 2024
  • Several fixed bugs that were reported with earlier versions

Checksum: e3b0c44298fc1c149afbf4c8996fb92427ae41e4649b934ca495991b7852b855

Release date: 2024-07-02 - Trados Studio 2022 (SR1) - Trados Studio 2022 - Trados Studio 2021

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