Extract and Reinject Embedded Objects

Extract and Reinject Embedded Objects

By localix.biz



The app will extract all embedded objects and picture files from a batch of Word DOCX documents in order to make them translatable in Trados Studio or any other translation memory tool. Pictures and other non-translatable objects are also extracted in order to be able to edit them e.g. using an image manipulation program. After translation is finished, the translated or edited objects are reinjected into the translated Word DOCX document. The DOCX document can then be further processed in Microsoft Word.

We will support paying customers if they are running into problems using the app.

If you like the demo version of the tool and want to buy a license, please email us - info(at)localix.biz.

Technical details

2022.1.0.0 - Trados Studio 2022

2021.1.0.0 - Trados Studio 2021

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