**Created a new Version for Studio 2022**

Previous updates
- Created a new Version for Studio 2021

- Updated version for Studio 2019-
adding maxversion='16.0" to prevent incorrect installation into Trados Studio 2021

-SDLXLIFF Anonymizer now also obfuscates user names in comments and tracked changes - this is an often requested feature.I finally had time to implement it.
- New app icon inside of Studio 2019 and Studio 2017 to correlate with the app store icon.
- improved the way settings are saved during sessions
- fixed a bug that prevented SDL Language Cloud to be removed as origin system

This plugin removes the user data and other administrative information from all selected SDLXLIFF documents directly inside SDL Trados Studio. Before your documents get changed, they are backed up, so that you can easily return to the status before the anonymization.

With the free version you can anonymize just one SDLXLIFF document at a time which is perfect for users operating the single document workflow.
If you wish to anonymize full projects with multiple files then a paid license is required.
Please contact us at for pricing information, if you like the tool and want to buy a license.

Technical details

Support Website:

Support email:



Checksum: 2b065d9e125eb93076caa3f8b168e8ef3988535e

Supported products:

  • Trados Studio 2022


Checksum: cb29f54ed453710c82f596e6d3a8517aa61533bf

Supported products:

  • Trados Studio 2021
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