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By Davide Caroselli
ModernMT is the Neural Adaptive Machine Translation service for professional translators that learns from memories and corrections.

Instant Adaptation
ModernMT is incremental: by sending back corrections to the system selecting a memory for "update", you will make ModernMT learn from its errors and improve constantly over time.

One engine fits all
You have 100 Translation Memories but only one engine. ModernMT detects the domain of your content and automatically builds up a specialized model for your documents.

Learn more about ModernMT at:
The plugin is free, but for the service you can find pricing details in the modernMT website here:
Looking for a free trial period? No problem! Just email us at

Technical details
Checksum: 7a5eae693d6da0f94a85b6bcfdc6a99ca454f972
Supported products:
  • Trados Studio 2021
Checksum: ebb2b72005d5c8c07f0031586525c803801f0233
Supported products:
  • Trados Studio 2022
Checksum: 1557a9bd851b7f324781a13c0a1c60d3f72b358e
Supported products:
  • SDL Trados Studio 2017
Checksum: e95f2264d3ed57726863e8d6b3bd1aa052452004
Supported products:
  • SDL Trados Studio 2019
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