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By TMServe
Current version is 2.2.7
Convert any SDLTM into:
  • XLIFF for QA and editing in Studio
  • XML for loading in spread sheets or databases
  • TMX for using with other tools
  • CSV or TXT for easy searches with text editors.
  • Source and Target monolingual text files.

Split output into manageable size files, select specific translation units to be converted, set or hide users and other system info, clean up or generate additional translation units by manipulating tagged content. Remove tags in text form.
Fast and easy to use without the need for Trados Studio to be installed. Free version supports TMs of up to 25,000 Translation units, unlimited version costs 35 Euro.

Once installed, you will now find SDLTmConvert in your programs (All programs-> SDLTmConvert).
It will then open up as a stand alone app outside of Trados Studio.
Technical details
SDL Trados Studio 2021 Version 2021.2.2.8:
Trados Studio 2022 Version 2022.2.2.8:
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