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Current version is 1.0.5

Find the variables in your TM from what you have left untranslated in it. SDLTmFindVars is a utility that reads translation units from a given Trados Studio translation memory (TM) file and by comparing the items found in the Source and Target segments identifies potential Variables. That is, it searches for non-translatable text. Variables are usually company names, product names, trademarks, tokens or any word or phrase that it is left untranslated within each TM. The program writes the potential Variables in a TXT file for checking and further processing before the variables are added by the user in a Studio TM.

It can also output the frequency of appearance in the output log and if needed, it can provide details for each Variable found in a CSV file.

The user can also choose how the program performs the search and what is outputted through a number of options.

Trados Studio considers Variables as replaceable parts of text with no real language meaning (such as the numbers or tags). Therefore it automatically enters them in the suggested target text allowing for increase of the matches provided by the TM and makes them accessible through the quick insert function to the users.

SDLTmFindVars does not require a version of Trados Studio to be installed on the PC to function. The free version supports TMs of up to 50,000 translation units and can be upgraded to the unlimited version at a cost of 35 Euro.

Once installed, you will now find SDLTmFindVars in your programs (All Programs-> TMServe-> SDLTmFindVars). It will then open up as a stand alone app outside of Trados Studio.

Technical details

2022.1.0.5 - Trados Studio 2022

2021.1.0.5 - Trados Studio 2021

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