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Checkterm allows you to verify a source text or a translation to make sure the correct terminology is used. Checkterm can work stand-alone with local or server-based termbases, or it can connect to a Kalcium Checkterm server.

Checkterm offers the following features:

  • Morphological terminology check directly in authoring environments such as MS Word, Adobe InDesign, XML editors, MS Visual Studio, or also directly in browser-based editing environments via Plugins.
  • In addition, using the Checkterm desktop client you can highlight text in any application and check it with a hotkey. Parsers allow you to remove tag information from these texts, which you do not want to verify.
  • With the Trados Studio Plugin, you can check the source language, target language, or also the translation of source terms into the right target terms.
  • All Plugins allow you to check an entire document once it is written, or to check live while you are typing. Or you can generate a verification report and send it to translators or external authors.
  • You can find a list of the currently supported languages in the documentation.
  • The single user license allows you to install and use Checkterm desktop on exactly one desktop PC.

Technical details

6.6.1 - Trados Studio (2022, 2021), SDL Trados Studio (2019)


  • • Update to .NET 8
  • • Toast messages are shown instead of popups
  • • Support for search profiles added (online mode only)
  • • AI replacement feature (online mode only)

Checksum: bf7b98486b54031baac1d3b837011354949b12d84e7c5ed87a70be47f6fa1d88

Release date: 2024-04-29

6.6.0 - Trados Studio (2022, 2021), SDL Trados Studio (2019)


  • displays the Concept Map Navigator
  • supports <oXygen> XML Author

Checksum: c6b8b3d0b0ca2728fc9b3764a382ec37c5364712a5a27a30abdadb66ccbe1eef

Release date: 2023-12-12

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