Connecting Studio

Connecting Studio

By Kaleidoscope



With Connecting Studio, creating projects from different kinds of source files can be easily automated. This includes COTI packages, opening multiple translator packages into one Studio project, WorldServer packages, and even live access to WorldServer or LocHub and opening projects directly from there.

Technical details - Trados Studio (2022 (SR2), 2022 (SR1), 2022, 2021), SDL Trados Studio (2019)


• Support for Studio 2022 SR1 and SR2 added

• Create project from COTI package dialog

– button to select/unselect all reference files

– Option to add file type from COTI package to project template

• Create project from SDLPPX files

– If CS detects that packages are related to one project they get now merged into a single new project

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Release date: 2024-02-27

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