DeepL MT Provider for Passolo

DeepL MT Provider for Passolo

By Tralcotec



Translator provider to connect Passolo with the DeepL Pro machine translation server.

The standard feature set of Passolo offers connectors to machine translation systems like Language Weaver, Google Translate and Microsoft Translator. DeepL is a popular neural machine translation service that supports many European and Asian languages. The DeepL MT Provider is a translation provider that connects Passolo with the DeepL Pro machine translation server. Using DeepL Pro API packages for CAT tools, users can directly pre-translate complete translation lists or get machine translation proposals for single software strings in Passolo. Once installed, you will find the DeepL MT Provider as a standard translation provider integrated into the user interface of Passolo.

Pricing : USD 99 via company website

Technical details

1.5 - SDL Passolo (2011, 2015, 2016), Passolo (2018, 2022)


  • 1.3 – All Passolo versions
  • Now supporting Formality parameter
  • 1.4 – All Passolo versions
  • Now also supporting all Passolo 2022 editions
  • 1.5 – All Passolo versions
  • Issues fixed differentiating sub language codes in EN and PT

Checksum: 80b7d3e59f6ddf5f222995079e680b8dfe2862ed9fc8f44b4cd7865975b31dd5

Release date: 2024-01-05

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