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By Juremy LLC Web Plugin
Description is an online concordance search tool which provides fast and accurate bilingual search in the EUR-Lex and IATE databases in all 552 EU language pairs.

This plugin enables users to access the Juremy browser surface within Trados Studio and to use Juremy interactively when translating or reviewing a document.

The plugin provides an ergonomic integration of Juremy and Trados Studio by allowing users to trigger search on a given segment or phrase and to insert the preferred search results into the target text with one click.

Downloading this plugin is free, but you will need an active subscription or free trial available to access the unlimited functionality of Juremy's online service. The online surface integrated into Trados Studio currently operates based on the same credentials as the browser version.

You can add the Juremy panel to your Studio workflow by clicking the View menu and select ' Browser'.

For more details on how Juremy works and how the plugin integrates Juremy with Studio, please visit our User Manual page. We also have a tutorial video available which demonstrates the functionality of the plugin in a live demo. 

Discover the benefits of Juremy's functionalities by signing up to our 30-day free trial. If you like Juremy, choose one of our subscription plans to maintain unlimited access!

Technical details
Support website:
Support email:
Version: 2022.1.0.1
Checksum: 837403b36dda7538b82829a8d5415bfd83d80c4a
Supported products:
  • Trados Studio 2022
Version: 2021.1.0.1
Checksum: c698ca7f05727aef11730913a5eb343ee073f4d3
Supported products:
  • Trados Studio 2021
Version: 2019.1.0.1
Checksum: 80552bf73f7d0f849a18f34fb0d02d4ac7f55473
Supported products:
  • SDL Trados Studio 2019
Version: 2017.1.0.1
Checksum: 7e320426a29437ea2b160f669a94a217b6a1a49e
Supported products:
  • SDL Trados Studio 2017
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