Tb-Scout (The MultiTerm and TMs Explorer)

Tb-Scout (The MultiTerm and TMs Explorer)

By O E Ospina-Cuervo



With Tb-Scout v3.0, the Translation Memories and MultiTerm Browser, Explorer and Search Engine, you can get ALL of your relevant data and/or information (including multimedia) in ONE single place, using only ONE application.


·        Search

and find terms and phrases in Translation Memories by translation units (TUs).

Export single translation units to text files or entire Translation Memories to

Excel in a few and simple steps.

·        Search

and find Terms in a Termbase by date (created or modified), by language and by

descriptive field and then export them to Excel or PDF.

·        Search,

preview, inventory and extract multimedia items like images, audio snippets and

video clips found in a Termbase.


User Guide: https://tbscout30.translationist.com/ug/


You can see this application in action here.

Technical details

3.0 - Trados Studio 2021

3.0 - Trados Studio 2022

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