Glossary Converter

Glossary Converter

By Gerhard Kordmann



Glossary Converter allows to convert between MultiTerm Termbases and other terminology formats by simple drag and drop, with minimal user interaction. It supports sdltb, xdt+xml (MultiTerm Export) , xls, xlsx, csv, txt, utx, glo, bgl (read only) and tmx (V2 and V3).

It aims to preserve all information, but it does not guarantee lossless roundtrips between different file formats. For example history fields are only supported in sdltb, spreadsheets and tmx, and some of the more complex field types of tbx and sdltb are not preserved.

Once installed, you will find Glossary Converter as a desktop shortcut. It will then open up as a stand alone app outside of Trados Studio.

Technical details

6.4.8912 - Trados Studio (2024, 2022, 2021), SDL Trados Studio (2019, 2017, 2015)


  • More robust and useful error logging
  • Localisation finally caught up wit the code again
  • Fix: when creating xlsx files, terms were randomly lost. This only affected.Excel; Libre Office and other tools were fine
  • Fix: xlsx files could have column widths of 0, depending on Windows Region settings (decimal point vs decimal comma)
  • Fix: txt output added an extra blank at the end of each file

Checksum: 24774392500759b606d71f2d311193381322649234a0e86485c4f72de5e2ece1

Release date: 2024-07-19

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