Sketch Engine - concordance, collocations, synonyms

Sketch Engine - concordance, collocations, synonyms

By Lexical Computing CZ s.r.o.



Parallel concordance, collocations and synonyms can be consulted by selecting text in the Trados Studio interface. Works with any Sketch Engine account, including a free trial account. The linguistic data are extracted from the EUR-Lex corpus in all languages of the EU.

Upon selecting a word or text, the plugin automatically searches the word sketch in Sketch Engine for the most typical collocations and word combinations such as modifiers or verbs, nouns, adverbs and adjectives that form the strongest collocations with the selected word.

Selecting a word and using the thesaurus will bring up a list of words which appear in the same context as the search word and can be used to replace the search word. The list is ordered by the degree of similarity.

Selecting text and using the parallel concordance will search the text in one language and will bring up translated sentences as found in the EUR-Lex corpus of documents of the European Union.

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Use the following links to discover, how Sketch Engine determines which collocations are the strongest:

and how similar words are determined:

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