Regex Match AutoSuggest Provider

Regex Match AutoSuggest Provider

By Capybara Translation



  • Version for Trados Studio 2022
  • Version for Trados Studio 2021

  • Previous Updates
    - Fixed the bug that caused unintended case-insensitive matching.
    - added support for multiple variables in the same segment
    - you can now right-click in the grid of expressions and enable/disable multiple regex entries at a time

    Regex Match AutoSuggest Provider is a Trados Studio 2022/2021 plug-in that enables you to show AutoSuggest entries that match regular expressions specified. With this plug-in, you can, for example, enter a word or phrase that does not need to be translated, such as a model number or serial number, by selecting the regex-matched suggestion from AutoSuggest.

    Once installed, restart Trados Studio and go to the Editor view. In the 'View' tab of the ribbon, there will now be a Regex Match AutoSuggest Provider button.

    Technical details

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    Checksum: 86dbfb5c5aea467556b4f153195513b42cf5bedb

    Supported products:

    • Trados Studio 2022


    Checksum: 86f53f702bea86a80c6c01d7a61000c94fd4ce53

    Supported products:

    • Trados Studio 2021