Custom.MT Translation

Custom.MT Translation

By Custom.MT



With Custom.MT Translation, you can use more Machine Translation brands in Trados. The following providers are currently supported:

  • Amazon
  • DeepL
  • Globalese
  • Google
  • LanguageWire
  • Microsoft
  • ModernMT
  • Pangea
  • Systran
  • Tencent TranSmart
  • TextShuttle
  • XL8
  • Yandex

You can also connect your own Open Source based models (Marian, M2M-100/Facebook).


  • Easy management of a multi-vendor MT portfolio
  • Glossary support in DeepL
  • Templates feature

Set up which model will be used for each domain and language pair.

  • Customized Domains for your translation projects

Domains are used for your Templates and define the subject for which language models perform the best. For example, you can link MT models trained with Life Sciences data to the "Life Sciences" domain.

  • Back-up engines for a continuous workflow
  • Real-time detailed statistics

Please note: To activate the plugin, create an account on Custom.MT Console and get an API key on the Translations->Credentials tab.

 Through Custom.MT, translators have the ability to:

  • define a prompt
  • upload a glossary
  • have ChatGPT deliver segment-by-segment translations to Trados for post-editing

Technical details

Support Website:

Support email:


Version 2022.1.2.1

Checksum: da21b7e8d802532cf952a6b3dccee7d619640004

Supported products:

  • Trados Studio 2022 (SR1)

Version 2022.1.2.0

Checksum: 3f8b254029e0bd845886c141a2cea899d8db9480

Supported products:

  • Trados Studio 2022

Version 2021.1.4.0

Checksum: 08eb0b86aee7f3cde25e89427a12c9c5a731452a

Supported products:

  • Trados Studio 2021

Version 2019.1.4.0

Checksum: 7b4ac0a86c3f638442490affb3f321ccee2de933

Supported products:

  • SDL Trados Studio 2019