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SDL AppStore Developer Hub

SDL is the world's largest supplier of language and content technology and services. As a developer looking to showcase your creative talent and to generate revenue, the SDL AppStore Developer Hub is the vehicle for you. There is simply no better shop window for your development talents.

Our developer hub provides:

  • Free developer license for SDL Tridion Sites
  • Free basic support and access to the SDL Tridion Sites Community developer forum

Use the Developer Community Forum

The SDL Tridion Sites Developer Community Forum provides a platform to interact with fellow developer enthusiasts and is the place to go to, if you have any API or implementation questions. You can use the community forum to:

  • Keep up to date with new additions to the API
  • Discuss app ideas
  • Ask questions about the API and how to use it
SDL Community

Submitting an app to the store

You can add your app to the SDL AppStore to share the download with other SDL Tridion Sites users. To do this you need to have an active license for the SDL product your app works for and sign up to be an SDL Developer. To sign up, you need to login to your SDL Account and go to the 'Apps & Developers' tab which can be found in the top menu, then click the 'Apps' tab below it. You will find the 'Become an SDL Developer' button on this page.

Once you have been approved, you can submit your app within this section by clicking the ‘Add a new App’ button. You will be prompted to give your app a name and version number. After this, you will then need to complete a short form describing your app before submitting it for review.

Publishing and updating apps

When your app has been submitted it is subject to our security and functional review process. Once the app has been approved we will contact you to let you know that it is being published to the store. If you later wish to update your app, you can do this by revisiting the 'Apps' section of your SDL Account. You then simply need to select the app you would like to update, edit the form with your changes and then press the 'Save' button to submit your app's update for review. The SDL AppStore team will contact you to let you know when the updated version has been published.

If you would like to have more than one version of an app live on the app store simultaneously, you can press the 'Add a new version' button to create multiple records of the same app. This is useful for cases where an app has both a paid version and a free version or if an app has separate installers for different versions of an SDL product.

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