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Trados QuickInfo
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Trados QuickInfo
After installing the plugin simply type @info into the "Tell Me" entry field followed by your search request. The screenshots are more explanatory.
Trados Studio 2019 introduced "Tell Me" which is a great feature for finding features in Studio. But there is also an API with this allowing developers to add to the "Tell Me" functionality with other useful things.

The QuickInfo plugin does just that by extending the default "Tell Me" functionality to provide various useful bits of information such as unit conversion, maths calculation, airport codes, Unicode description and more.

The plugin is also opensouorced providing a great tool for other developers as they can see how this functionality is used, or even contribute to this one with new bits of helpful information to extend its usefulness.

To learn more about this application, please visit Trados QuickInfo in the RWS Community wiki

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SDL Trados Studio 2021 Version
Trados Studio 2022 Version
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