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Misc. AHK Scripts - RWS Community
By Trados AppStore Team
Misc. AHK Scripts - RWS Community
The zip file available for download contains a small AutoHotkey script that can be imported into the AutoHotKey Manager to help a new user get started and see how the tool can be used.

The scripts include the following:
  1. Clear AT Statuses
  2. Character count
  3. Copy selected text to target
  4. Personal names
  5. Merge adjacent segments
  6. Move to next segment
  7. Move to previous segment
  8. Capitalise English dates
  9. Word endings (English)
  10. Word beginnings (English)
  11. Word middles (English)
  12. Accented "English" words
  13. Common Misspellings (English)

If you've got some good scripts then feel free to share them in the appstore too!
Technical details
SDL Trados Studio 2021 Version 2021.1.0.0:
Trados Studio 2022 Version 2022.1.0.0:
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