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IRIS PDF OCR Support for Studio
By Trados AppStore Team
IRIS PDF OCR Support for Studio
The IRIS add-on is an app for SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 or higher that provides support for recognizing text in scanned PDF documents with Asian content. It uses advanced OCR technology to recognise Asian characters and convert them as faithfully as possible to translatable content in Trados Studio.
The app integrates with the PDF file type in SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 or later.
It also upgrades Studio 2017's current OCR tool,
-providing more powerful and better quality conversions for over 130 different languages.

Follow these steps to work with the IRIS add-on:
1. If Trados Studio is running, close it.
2. Install the IRIS add-on app.
3. Restart SDL Trados Studio.
4. In Trados Studio, go to File > Options > File Types > PDF > Converter and select Use IRIS technology for optical character recognition to start working with the IRIS technology for optical character recognition.

For more information on IRIS technology, see the IRIS website.
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