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Rapid Add Term
By Trados AppStore Team
Rapid Add Term
The Problem
Adding a new term to your termbase when working in Trados Studio, particularly if you have a large termbase, can be less than performant. Even using the "Quick Add Term" feature will cause the Term Preview window to open up and the entire termbase to refresh. This can be frustrating when all you wish to do is quickly work through a document adding new terms as you go.

The Solution
The "Rapid Add Term" plugin provides a solution to this problem by simply adding the new terms to your termbase so they are available for term recognition immediately without having to open or refresh the term preview window.
Points to note
- terms will not be visible in the term preview window unless you refresh it first
- if "Lookahead" is enabled you will still have the problem of new terms not being available to you until you refresh the lookahead cache
- this is a "no-questions asked" operation apart from duplicate checking
- if you have duplicates and still want to add the term you need to add it with the Quick Add Term or Add Term features in Studio.

To learn how to use this application, please visit Rapid Add Term in the RWS Community wiki

Technical details
SDL Trados Studio 2021 Version
Trados Studio 2022 Version
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