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Google Cloud Translation Provider
By Trados AppStore Team
Google Cloud Translation Provider
Google Cloud Translation Provider is a dedicated plugin that integrates directly into Trados Studio while making use of all the capabilities supported by Google Cloud Translation, including:

  • Basic and Advanced authentication
  • Custom trained engines - AutoML
  • Glossary Reference
Other standared features suported by this plugin include:

  • Custom name reference
  • Resend draft and translated segments
  • Do not include tags in the transalted segments
  • Do pre lookup find/repalce
  • Do post lookup find/replace
To learn how to use this app and for more information, please visit the Google Translation Provider Wiki on our RWS Commity 

Technical details
Checksum: 495c0220de094d6dec822527965e07a59694d2c2
Supported products:
  • Trados Studio 2022
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