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GoogleCloud'n Glossary
Using Google Cloud'n Glossary, you simply add "GoogleCloud'n Glossary Trados Plugin" as a Machine Translation provider to your Trados project, and you're good to go. Source segments will be translated using the Google API, and a glossary of your choosing. Simply choose a Termbase file from your computer, upload it to Google Cloud Storage (from within the plugin), and it will be used during translation. No more term irregularities!

You can do all of the above using the free version of the plugin. If you purchase a product key ($25 USD, from the link within the plugin itself), you can also train custom translation models using the sentence pairs in existing translation memories. (NOTE: Model training is carried out in the cloud, at the hourly rates listed here. In a nutshell, training even a small model may cost around $100 USD or more. Model training fees such as this, as well as actual per-character translation fees--incurred when translating with a custom model or the standard Google NMT model--will be charged directly to your Google Cloud Platform account. Training/translation fees are separate and not included in the one-time $25 product key fee).

For additional help you’ll find the Google Cloud'n Glossary: Setting up video is really useful.
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