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By Angela Sigee
**NEW in 2.0** Follow Hyperlink to make hyperlinks clickable.
This toolbox includes Word style highlighting (now with option to save it with .docx files), web search, non-translatables (aka \"variables\"), shrink/expand segment ...
NEW in 1.6Nickname to conveniently attach a custom name or notes to files in File view, eg. numbering.

  • All tools may be individually enabled/disabled.
  • Ships with a comprehensive Help file
  • For questions, comments or feature requests please visit the SDL AppStore Applications section in the SDL Community Forum (
  • Please be aware that several tools use built-in shortcuts or need built-in shortcuts be removed or altered (see the help file in particular for Autotext, Really Select All, Join/Shrink ...).


  • - Updated NonTranslatable feature to address several issues with project TMs and updating the list (sorry, still no support for multiple lists)
  • - New features for highlighting
  • - Removed \"Really Select All\" as it is now built into Studio
Technical details
SDL Trados Studio 2021 Version
Trados Studio 2022 Version
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